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You've picked a broker... now what?

You’ve made the first, and arguably, most important decision by selecting your representative broker. What should you expect?

Listed on Central Dispatch... gone fishing!

How listing your vehicle in the premier car shipping marketplace actually works. You’re not buying a ticket to ride a specific truck on a chosen date. It’s more like fishing and here’s how that looks.

Median Pricing is the best carrier bait

If you’re going fishing, you’ll want the best bait, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive. You’re competing for the carrier’s attention, and in our experience, you will be best served targeting somewhere in the middle of all the offers on your route.

How do we vet our carrier partners?

Here’s a tip for anyone looking to ship their vehicle, you are entitled to full disclosure of all details pertaining to your shipment upon request. Part of what we believe sets us apart from our competition is our commitment to carrier selection standards. We analyze data provided by FMCSA for all to view which can be located at DOT.GOV.

Our Safety Measurement System Analysis

Carefully analyzing the FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System is a critical part of the process in carrier selection here at Plymouth. You have a better chance of avoiding a problem with your shipment when you work with a broker who is equally focused on identifying potential red flags.

What to expect after your vehicle is on its way

The most important part of all this is the safe, reliable, and timely shipment of your vehicle from its origin to its destination. Here’s a look at how Plymouth contracts the carriers we select on behalf of our shipper clients like yourself as well as how you would be billed.

Car Shipping Simplified


Quality Service

Plymouth Transportation utilizes industry-leading technology to locate and qualify our nearest partner carrier to manage your shipment. With advanced management systems to maintain control of your shipment from start to finish, Plymouth offers a peerless and personal customer experience.

Transparent Terms

It’s simple, Plymouth Transportation is upfront in explaining the car shipping process in a way that makes sense by addressing your individual concerns. There are no gimmicks, no bait and switch tactics, no excuses, and you don’t pay until after pick up.


Elite Partners

Through careful analysis of every carrier for every shipment, Plymouth Transportation maintains a network of top-notch trucking companies ready to assist our customers. Adaptability, attention to detail, and selfless service, make Plymouth Transportation and our network of approved carriers your preferred vehicle shipping partners.

Giving Back

Plymouth Transportation is proud to sponsor Transport for Troops’ mission in alleviating the out-of-pocket expenses military families incur during ordered moves. As a veteran-owned and operated company, Plymouth donates half of the net proceeds of each sale to further the goal of eliminating this burden.

Our partnership with Transport for Troops has given us the privilege of helping hundreds of military families with uncovered POV shipping expenses. To see if you are eligible or to find out how you can support this mission, visit www.Transport For today.