Auto Rental Coverage Order Form

Once a Carrier is assigned to your vehicle(s), equipment, freight, etc., you will be given the expected dates for pick-up and delivery when possible as well as the Carrier name and direct business phone number. Any dates given are the Carrier’s projections only and are given solely to assist both you and the Carrier in the general arrangement of your schedules; dates provided are not guaranteed, as certain conditions can alter a Carrier’s schedule (i.e. weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, inspections, etc.) However, the standard pick-up and delivery windows are within 72 hours of the expected dates assigned. You agree to hold PAT harmless for any expenses incurred as the result of any delays, including, but not limited to, any car rental fees or living accommodation expenses you incur. It is strongly recommended that you maintain reasonable contact with the Carrier and/or PAT to stay up to date on any schedule changes.

Although PAT is not liable for delays, the Shipper may purchase additional Auto Rental Coverage. This coverage is available to the Shipper if delivery extends more than three (3) days after the listed expected delivery date. The Carrier may adjust the expected delivery date with email notification and at least 24 hours’ notice which will impact this coverage.

Please, complete the form below to add this coverage to your order with Plymouth: