Guaranteed Pick Up Date Order Form

By default, Plymouth Transportation does not agree to transport your vehicle(s) on any specific truck, nor in time for any scheduled event, due to possible delays caused by but not limited to weather, road conditions, mechanical problems, inspections, etc. The assigned Carrier shall use its best efforts to deliver the vehicle(s) within the estimated time; however unforeseeable factors previously mentioned may delay delivery beyond the estimated time. Plymouth Transportation and the assigned Carrier do not guarantee the date or time of pick-up and/or delivery. You may request a specific pick-up date at least 48 hours in advance of your preferred pick-up date, and such a guarantee will incur an additional $250.00 per vehicle(s) which is due upon request and is nonrefundable. An additional fee paid for guaranteed pick-up does not include additional storage fees that may result from requesting this service. Plymouth Transportation may withdraw or amend this coverage at any time, for any reason, and without further notice. In the event, such withdrawal or amendment occurs while your vehicle(s) with said coverage is dispatched, in transit, delivered, or pending an insurance claim, Plymouth Transportation reserves the right to refund you the full amount paid for this coverage.

Please, complete the following form in order to add a Guaranteed Pick Up Date to your shipment.