The first contact you will make with auto transport is likely not an actual truck driver or trucking company. Brokers are the first in line to discuss your shipment with. And, the worst case scenario is that you end up submitting your auto transport request through a sales lead generator. These sites in turn sell your info to a group of brokers at once – that’s not an ideal outcome.

So, what makes brokers the best option for shippers? Why not just contact a trucking company directly? There’s no advantage when you limit yourself to one option. What’s more, you can’t always count on a better price or service by removing the middleman either. With a broker, you have access to every possible truck. And, the best brokers in auto transport add value to the service.

Focused on quality in auto transport

A good broker brings experience and resources to the table. Too many brokers focus on low-balling rather than adding value. But, this business is more than low prices and sales pitches. And, shippers deserve someone focused on protecting their interests. Plymouth carefully reviews carriers based on safety, compliance, and insurance. These reviews eliminate unnecessary risk, and provide transparency where others gloss over details. Being fully informed is in your best interest. Whether you’re moving across town or across the globe, there are no shortcuts. And, Plymouth never sacrifices quality of service to make a quick buck.

You should be critical of every auto transport service provider you contact. After all, we’re talking about entrusting your vehicle to total strangers. If shippers ask the right questions, and “what’s the cheapest you can do?” is not one of them, then the BEST auto transport brokers and BEST auto transport carriers rise to the top and customer satisfaction soars.

To be continued…