Car Shipping: Rates Explained
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Car Shipping: Rates Explained

So, you need to ship a car, and you’re looking over a number of car shipping quotes. How do you make the right choice?

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Shipping a car is more complicated than you might think. Considering all the factors is a must, and pricing is certainly an important part. However, car shipping companies know most people make their decision on who to hire based on price alone. Searching the internet for “cheap car shipping” leads to nothing more than an inbox full of low ball rates designed for a quick sale. What other details should you consider?

The company you select to represent you controls only one aspect of the price – their own fee. Shipping a vehicle is not like buying an airplane ticket or booking a hotel stay. It’s a competition for limited truck capacity, and pricing will be determined by supply and demand.

The companies issuing “quotes” are most likely brokers and hopefully licensed. Since the brokers prices are estimates feel free to propose a rate of your own – it’s worth a shot. Car shippers should aim to partner with a broker focusing on providing a quality service with the customer’s interests in mind. Reviewing sources like the Better Business Bureau and Yelp to help with your selection is a great way to start. 

Car Shipping Simplified

Carrier safety ratings and records, state and federal compliance, and insurance will be analyzed and reported to you when choosing Plymouth. In the end, you’re the boss and we as serve as your advocate while assisting you through the careful selection of a qualified carrier. That carrier will physically transport your vehicle, but we continue in a supporting role with 24/7 accessibility. We’re proud to offer these services without requiring any upfront payment and with no obligation – get your free quote here now!

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  1. This enlarges my knowledge on the point! Thank You for the post. I love to read interesting posts that have knowledge to impart. I hope to read more articles from you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Your information about rates will really help the people who are new to the transport service.

  3. You really make it appear so easy with your presentation, but I find this matter to be [confusing]. It sort of feels too complicated and very huge for me. I’m [looking] forward [to] your subsequent [post], I’ll try to get the [hang] of it!

    1. The easiest way I can sum up the sequence is to say that with the many thousands of carriers on the road and the varying costs of running their business, it is recommended that the shipper educate themselves regarding the general nuances of the industry.

      Brokers, in essence, give every shipper maximum exposure to the available carriers on their unique route, and should help to vet these options while guiding the shipper through the dispatching process.

      Unfortunately, there are too many brokers that spend more time on the sales process and little to no time on educating the customer. This in turn leads to low customer satisfaction, and, in the long run, a lower rate of return customers.

      It is my belief that there are too many uneducated brokers who are mere sales people, and their lack of understanding and motivation to learn are a severe detriment to our industry.

    2. Extremely helpful article, please write more.

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