Weird Things I’ve Heard This Week…

Weird Things I’ve Heard This Week…

“You should have lied to me, too!”

That’s right folks, a customer told me I should’ve lied to them since a competitor put their mind at ease by giving them a false hope as opposed to my realistic expectations. Here’s the thing, there’s only one tractor trailer for every 350 possible routes in the United States, and millions of shippers each year. In other words, there is a ceaseless need for carriers rather than one on every corner. What’s more is the fact that not every one of these truckers is equipped, capable, or interested in hauling your personally owned vehicle.

With roughly twenty million vehicles purchased online annually along with all of those moving across the country for employment and family reasons, it should be understood that the shipper demand far outweighs the carrier supply. It’s too bad however that most brokers are more interested in simply closing the deal and not with educating the shipper about the nuances of the transportation industry. It’s tactics like these that cause far too many shippers to anticipate an experience similar to their last flight with a major airline rather than the more typical auto transport experience – a wild west arrangement usually thrown together last minute by incompetence and to the lowest bidder or at a higher rate than what they had been quoted.

No wonder shippers are growing increasingly frustrated. Honest, upfront brokers and carriers are left standing empty handed while the once in a lifetime shippers are usually led astray by cut rate brokers and desperation. Consider this, would you ask a business you’ve entrusted anything from a pair of shoes for shining to a $100,000 car for transport to lie to you? Isn’t it far better to not only have a clear understanding of the realities of your particular circumstances but to also know you’ve partnered with a company that is looking out for your best interests?

Maybe I’m the crazy one for choosing to provide the honest approach in this increasingly deceitful industry. Whatever you may think, that customer I mentioned earlier is still waiting on the competitor to arrive… a day late already as of this posting.

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