Supply & Demand

The US trucking industry was short 248,000 drivers at the end of 2017, and a mandate requiring drivers to replace paper logbooks with electronic logging devices by April 2018 looks to eliminate 10% of the long-distance drivers on the road today. That mandate was passed years ago with a December 2017 deadline, however the Federal […]


What About Insurance?

“I’m pretty sure everyone has insurance…” An all too common phrase that although mostly true is missing the point of proper insurance verification. Insurance requirements are not as linear a problem as one might assume, and all policies and carriers shouldn’t be treated the same. While I am no insurance expert, I will say that […]


Name Your Own Price!

“That price is too high!” I get this line a lot from potential clients, and it’s troubling for a few reasons. The worst part of this statement for me is that it makes what I do feel immediately cheap and insignificant to the shipper. Most people simply Google “how to ship my car from A […]

Where’s My Vehicle? Part 1

When you plan to move your vehicle by rail or truck, the most important things to consider are the credibility and reliability of the service provider you are hiring. After you’ve waded through the sometimes nonsensical sales pitches from various brokers, you’ll realize we’re a dime-a-dozen business, and the only thing separating the good from […]

Google's autonomous prototype vehicle could be the answer to reducing traffic accidents.

The Impact of Autonomous Cars

As reported by Tim Higgins of Bloomberg.com, GM product development chief, Mark Reuss, has expressed concern over Google’s continued pursuit of autonomous vehicle technology. “Anybody can do anything with enough time and money,” Reuss is reported to have said, and he considers them “a very serious competitive threat.” So, what does this mean to the […]

Log Book Insert

Auto Transport Drivers HOS

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the arm of the Department of Transportation responsible for regulating authority and safety in the transportation industry. Its primary mission is to “prevent commercial motor vehicle-related crashes, fatalities and injuries” according to its own website. This mission is presumably controlled through a series of regulations ranging from […]


EOBRs & Car Shipping Cheaters

First, what is an EOBR? It stands for Electronic On Board Recorder, and it is a very important change for the transportation industry. It will soon be a mandatory replacement for the paper logbooks commercial drivers are required to maintain. Before this technology was developed, drivers have been required to keep accurate logs of their work schedules, but […]