ADVETS Dispatch Service

ADVETS Dispatch Service provides versatile freight load management services for owner-operators in the trucking industry. Each of our dispatchers are military veterans, and a portion of all proceeds goes to support Transport for Troops.

Formed in July 2016, ADVETS Dispatch Service is owned by Plymouth Auto Transport, and treated as a training ground for those new to the industry. We specialize in providing customized dispatch solutions for owner-operators while simultaneously training military veterans for a career in the trucking industry. Many of our agents go on to become better educated freight brokers and agents with a greater appreciation for the truckers responsible for moving their freight and protecting their shippers. Many of our owner-operators treat ADVETS Dispatch Service as an incubator while they grow their newly formed businesses, and the most successful outgrow the outsourcing we provide them at a fraction of the competitor’s costs.

Driver’s can expect courteous professionalism from all ADVETS personnel, and a direct line of communication team leadership. Dispatchers can expect unlimited support from team leadership as well as opportunities and encouragement to advance within the industry.

Here is a list of our services, but remember, we’re open to negotiation on a case-by-case basis:

Monthly Fee Services Included
$25 Up to 25 invoices to shipper/broker/factor
$195 Up to 100 invoices to shipper/broker/factor
$395 Unlimited invoices to shipper/broker/factor
7% ($395 minimum) Basic load finder management & unlimited invoicing
9% ($595 minimum) 24/7 management & unlimited invoicing
12% ($795 minimum) 24/7 management, unlimited invoicing & invoice factoring

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